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MUSIC (Infants, Toddlers, Preschool, Pre-k)

Music has significant positive effects on the cognitive development of young children. Music is an essential part of our curriculum at LCSH. Studies have shown that exposure to music enhances a child's math and reading skills, increases his/her cognitive focus and contributes to cooperative behavior practices as well as a positive self esteem. Our approach is unique among childcare centers; we include music education and fun with a specialist every week. We always enjoy music with Wayne!

YOGA (Preschool, Pre-k)

Yoga is a fun way for children to feel healthy and happy. The children learn to move their bodies into postures that encourage flexibility and contribute to strength and a sense of ease and confidence. Yoga is highly adaptable to individual needs and goals, and the movements can be modified for any student. Yoga encourages the children to breathe in a way that can calm and refresh. While the children are practicing their yoga, they are requested at times to be still and quiet their minds to enhance focus and relaxation. Yoga is a wonderful way to teach children to care for their bodies and themselves.

COOKING (Toddlers, Preschool, Pre-k)

LCSH, is able to provide unique and rewarding experiences, with kitchens at all of our locations. Our children work on their fine motor skills as they learn to measure, pour, blend, add and mix. Creativity and confidence flourish when the children realize that they can transform simple ingredients into delectable creations, all while learning how patience, persistence and diligence pay off. By learning to cook, children acquire a taste for nourishing food as well as healthy life skills through age appropriate discussions about healthy choices, hygiene, and kitchen safety (even though our children do not enter the kitchen). We strive to incorporate the cuisines from all of our children's diverse ethnic backgrounds.


Each and every Tuesday the LCSH teachers take our Pre-K students to the Oak Square YMCA in Brighton by Eastern Bus. The first day of swim class, the instructors teach safety rules and practice safety with the students in the shallow area of the pool. A floating device we call a bubble is placed on every child before he/she enters the water. Instructors gently take a few children into the water at a time to evaluate in which group they will be placed. One instructor teaches only five children at a time, with two lifeguards in attendance at all times. Swim lessons last 50 minutes. After the students finish their swimming lessons and get dressed, the bus is waiting for the return to LCSH. LCSH pays for transportation, while parents pay for swim lessons.


Young children bring a natural sense of curiosity and wonder about the world to our classrooms every day. Our science curriculum is designed to capture that natural sense of wonder, curiosity, and imagination. While adults may see science as a disconnected entity, young children see science as something they want to do all the time, finding out about the everyday world that surrounds them. Our aim at LCSH is to feed this desire and curiosity in a constructive and enriching manner. Our approach is unique among childcare centers; we include science education and fun with a specialist every week. Professor Rita has a fun and engaging way of introducing our students to many concepts of science.


Each Thursday, our budding actors direct and perform plays in our little theatre, just down the street in the United Parish Church. This special time allows the children to express their creativity and to learn cooperation and socialization. The students also enjoy creating their own costumes. Our terrific theatre instructor is the well-known Trisha Zembruski, who guides the children with creativity and patience. Tricia's husband accompanies her on the accordion.


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MUSIC (Infants, Toddlers, Preschool, Pre-k)

YOGA (Preschool, Pre-k)

COOKING (Toddlers, Preschool, Pre-k)